10 innovative business models of 2010

Here’s a handy list of the business models featured:

  1. Kickstarter.com
  2. Airbnb.com
  3. Quirky.com
  4. Free with in-app sales
  5. HumbleBundle.com
  6. PayWithaTweet.com
  7. Spotify.com
  8. Groupon.com
  9. Flattr.com
  10. PatientsLikeMe.com

Not every interesting revenue model was included. Some of course missed our selection. I personally didn’t choose penny auction concepts like Swoopo and others. People that joined one of our workshop sessions knew already that these concepts are quite fraudulous. Auction platforms like this aren’t very sustainable. Recent figures already showed that Swoopo is indeed in decline. Other emerging concepts like Quora aren’t on the list either. Although everybody is talking about this relative new content platform, they didn’t figure out what business model to roll out. Sounds very Twitterish, not? If I had to include 1 extra revenue model to this selection, I would go for Gilt.com, which has another interesting approach for selling ‘online deals’. Read more about their margins, cash conversion and so on here.

via 10 business models that rocked 2010 – boardofinnovation.com

I’ve blogged about the Humble Indie Bundle before. Kickstarter really does deserve to be at the top of that list. Though you can support projects from anywhere in the world, you have to be in the US to raise funds. There are lots of imitators though, including IndieGoGo. Flattr is a concept I’m probably going to try out soon too.

Business model kit

Their business model graphics caught my eye. They sell whiteboard magnets of these icons in a business model kit (for a fairly hefty 95 per set). Great way to brainstorm and refine a novel business idea though.