Cablegate Comix

Now, this is a fantastic idea!

Cablegate Comix is Joe Alterio’s series of mini-comics, “recounting true stories that came to light on November 28, 2010 — when WikiLeaks published confidential documents of detailed correspondences between the US State Department and its diplomatic missions around the world.”

(via Comic strip versions of stories from Wikileaked cables –

I would love to see this idea open-sourced, perhaps organised like Star Wars Uncut was: List all of the WikiLeaks cables and see who can make the most illuminating and entertaining comic strip out of it. The information that is being leaked should be getting the attention, not one man. Getting us all to focus on a pseudo-sex scandal is taking the spotlight of those who should be taking the heat.

Also, I’m adding HiLobrow to my reader. Looks like a very interesting blog.