Adventures in Space and Time #Daily365

This was one of those designs where I had the basic concept nailed in ten minutes, and then spent ages refining it. I’m still not entirely satisfied, but happy enough to leave it here. That said, I may revisit this in another daily design and produce a magazine cover or something.


8 thoughts on “Adventures in Space and Time #Daily365

  1. I really like this, stands out to me as one of those Saturday Morning TV show titles. Loving this daily series, keep it up!

  2. @jasonwstanley Thanks Jason. You should join in the daily design challenge – I’m finding it to be valuable and fun.

  3. Thanks for yourd kind comment on my daily365 blog. I’m really enjoying your work too, the colour palette for this one particularly (and the whole design of your blog in general), keep up the good work!

  4. Cheers Philip, and you’re very welcome. I was especially pleased with the palette on this one (not so much the ‘mixed signals’ one!)This blog is pretty much Posterous’s default template (with a custom header graphic). I like it too, which is why I didn’t screw with it. :)

  5. Hi, Another very nice #365! your designs really stand out from the crowd. I like it, keep it up!

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