Welsh Twitter dragon #Daily365

A bit of a cheat today – this design wasn’t created entirely this evening. In fact, it’s about three evening’s work (see other posts from last September).

Tonight, I changed the eyebrow so he looks less angry (I actually preferred that look, but had several negative criticisms), finalised the palette using a nice scheme from Colour Lovers and added a bit of canvas texture in GIMP.

Of course, I’m not the only one doing these daily designs – check out ‘Of Science and Beauty‘ for some really nice science themed illustrations.


7 thoughts on “Welsh Twitter dragon #Daily365

  1. I’m glad you finally finished it Foom. The colours are perfect. Tho, I really liked the original eyebrow.

  2. Thanks Birdie. In the end, I decided that people may want to use this graphic on their websites and stuff, and making the bird look ‘angry’ was a slightly contentious issue. He may actually be used at work to promote the BBC Wales Twitter feed, so that was a factor too.

  3. That’s fair enough. I’ll miss contentious Welsh Twitter Dragon all the same. ;)

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