GUI design for a Google OS

Last night I stumbled across this Photoshop mockup I have 2/3rds completed of a potential GUI for a Google operating system. This was created before Android, Chrome and Wave existed (as far as anyone knew) and is based on nothing but my own thinking.

I rather like the look of it, so I'm going to finish it off over the next few lunchbreaks. You’re welcome to share any thoughts you have on the subject in the comments.


5 thoughts on “GUI design for a Google OS

  1. I do like the looks of this, and the idea of geo-locating notifications is interesting.Not sure about the usability of that, but it would make for a nice Exposé-like overview…

  2. You’re right about the usability of that, but I like the idea of using the desktop to display useful information in a pretty way.

  3. Hot Foom. I think it’d be pretty useable if you tied it in with a openbox style menu…

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