The Eagles wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide theme tune

I think I already knew this, but massive hat-tip to Gavin Rothery (@GavRov) and friend for digging up this little tidbit.

You can see the Hitchhiker’s title sequence on YouTube.

I’ve had the theme tune on my iPod for ages now but it’s such a tease as it’s only thirty seven seconds long. Last night, I was in a conversation with my buddy Julian Stockton and Hitchhikers came up. We were talking about the old BBC radio dramatisations as it turned out we both had the Stephen Moore versions (The best ones), mine were on casette and his on vinyl. This led to him noticing a credit on the sleeve which was to Bernie Leadon who founded The Eagles. A little bit of detective work turned up a very good reason – turns out the Hitchhikers title music was from the Eagles track “Journey of the Sorcerer”.

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Makes me want to watch Firefly actually…