iPhone Super 8: Cinema FX for Video

This video was made entirely on the iPhone, primarily so I could play with Cinema FX for Video, ReelDirector and iMovie (for iPhone).

Cinema FX (for photographs) is one of the better apps for adding interesting looks to your iPhone photographs. CFX for Video uses many of the same filters and adds some new ones, with animated effects like film grain and dust and scratches. You can combine up to three effects per clip. The filters are really nice, but you’ll need to experiment a bit as the default settings can be a bit harsh. Some filters let you intensify or reduce the strength of the effect.

I assembled these clips in ReelDirector, then imported the whole thing back into Cinema FX to apply the 8mm filter – you can see the result of this in the second half of the video. Then I used iMovie to add these two clips together and put on the music track. The quality suffers from going through so many generations, I’m sure.

It was notable that rendering projects in Cinema FX and ReelDirector took a considerable amount of time. I think the project export from RD took over an hour and about a quarter of my battery. This isn’t something I’d like to do without a charging point nearby! iMovie is much quicker to render.