Some common sense about comments

I don’t see my writing as a collaborative effort, and I don’t see my site as a community in which I need to enable internal discussion via comments.

I also disagree with the widespread notion that comments are “discussion”, or that they form a “community”. Discussion and communities require mechanics such as listening and following up that are rarely present in comments.

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1 thought on “Some common sense about comments

  1. Yeah, message boards/comment boards and media like blogs and twitter give rise to odd conversations – perhaps due to the time delay. Sometimes I think people only post when they think they have something interesting to say (so a lot goes unsaid) and there’s a certain amount of personal brand building – which happens everywhere – but in an asynchronous environment one can well and truly filter and project a much stronger mirage of how they want people to see them, not how they really are.Personally I prefer chat. I wish more people would use IRC and instant messaging, it’s way better for conversation, which in turn builds community.

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