Wales Blog Awards

Wales Blog Awards logoNote: This page is a work in progress. For more information, read: Wales Blog Awards 2010 and 2011: A call for information

2010 winners and runners-up

Category Winner Runner-up


MyWhitchurch Ruthin/Rhuthun


Travels with Beer The Chic of It


Techbeast Apptacious


Mountain Biking for Girls Six Balls Between Us

Welsh Language

Blog Menai Pugnacious little trolls


The Druid Cambria Politico

Best writing

The 7 Journey The Chocolate Takeaway

Best Blog

The 7 Journey  
The 7 Journey

The 7 Journey: Winner of the Wales Blog Awards, 2010

2011 Shortlist and Winners

Blog Blogger(s)

Best Community Blog

Rhuthun / Ruthin
by Non Liquet
The Photon Blog
by The Photon
We Are Cardiff
by a Cardiff collective

Best Entertainments & Music Blog

Movie Waffle
by James Tatham
Cat on the Wall
by Jo Whitby and CB Lux plus contributors
Motown Junkies
by Steve Devereux

Best Food & Drink Blog

Cardiff Bites
by Nicki
What Kate Baked…
by Kate
Pint of 45
by Oliver Hurley and Phil Jones

Best Lifestyle Blog

Where Are My Knees?
by Lucy, Gem, Sarah, Charlene and Sarah V
Dyfed Wyn Roberts
by Dyfed Wyn Roberts
Chic & Cheerful
by Ruth Dawson

Best Photo Blog

Cardiff Arcades Project
by Amy Davies
Circus Clouds
by Leia

Best Political Blog

Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more
by Jacqui Thomson
Caredig I Natur (CIN)
by Caredig i Natur
Radical Wales
by Adam Johannes, Andy Williams, Glyn Matthews and Tom Fowler

Best Sports Blog

by Phil Stead
The Foot Down
by Ty Francis
Cardiff Skateboard Club
by Jim O

Best Technology Blog

This Is My Joystick
by Ray Willmott
by Mark Crowle-Groves
by Gavomatic

Best Welsh Language Blog

Hen Rech Flin
by Alwyn ap Huw
Sion Dafydd
by Sion Dafydd Palmer

Best Writing on a Blog

I Saw Elvis In The Woods
by Gareth Davies
Modern Haiku
by Matt Morden
Mike Jenkins – Welsh Poet & Author
by Mike Jenkins

People’s Choice Award & Best Blog (overall winner)

by Phil Stead

Ffwtbol: Winner of the Wales Blog Awards, 2011

2011 longlist

Best Welsh Language Blog
Asturias yn Gymraeg, Blog Banw, fel y moroedd, Miserable Old Fart, Bwrlwm Y Byd
Best Writing on a Blog
No Good Boyo, Working Word PR Blog,, Currants in the Cake, The Blog Standard, Derby Dares You, Freelance Theology, Inspiring Cardiff, I Saw Elvis In The Woods, The world as I see it, Karl’s Writing Blog, Leia Airborne,,, Morden Haiku, Pint of 45, Plastik Magazine, Pop Culture Under The Microscope,,, From Wales to Zambia!, Why a Raven is like a Writing Desk, Earthling On Fire, Hiraeth, Lookout Wales, Mike Jenkins, Nettie’s Ramblings, Paintthetownscarlet’s Blog, The Foot Down, The Welsh Patient, What’s the Pont, Fly Fishing in South Wales, The Chocolate Takeaway,, terminaltimes
Best Political Blog
O Bell, Public Service Announcement, Working Word PR Blog, Cambria Politico, Caredig I Natur (CIN), Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more, Miserable Old Fart,, Gareth Hughes, Radical Wales, Socialism in RCT, Denis Campbell’s UK Progressive,,, Peter Black,, Plaid Wrecsam
Best Community Blog
Alun Williams, cardiffblogs, Helen Reynolds, Learning Reflections,, Plastik Magazine, Rhuthun / Ruthin, Sandy Lane,, The Siren, Cardiff Roller Collective, Carmarthenshire Planning Problems and more, MyWhitchurch, We Are Cardiff, What’s On In Cardiff
Best Lifestyle Blog
Holistic yoga with Alyson, Asturias yn Gymraeg, Bambi The Style Hunter, Things to do in Wales, Working Word PR Blog, Hot Vloggery,, Derby Dares You, Dirty Knickers,, LifeStruction, Pint of 45, Priyaa’s Journal, Falling Forward,, Spikeworld, stormgrayson, Chic and Cheerful, Toxylicious, Hound Mistress, Where Are My Knees?, Diary of a Dextrocardia(n), dyfed wyn roberts, Fat Frocks, Handmade Reviews, Paintthetownscarlet’s Blog, Rachel Blogs, Side Street Style, Sugar and Spice, The Foot Down, Travels with Beer, Melys Honey, The Welsh Patient, Cardiff Fashion, Culture Vulture, Gamersathome
Best Technology Blog
Computing: The Science of Nearly Everything, Hacio’r Iaith, SEOno, Apptacious, Gamersathome, Joel Hughes, One to One, Skua Media,,, This Is My Joystick
Best Sports Blog
The Bluebird, Derby Dares You, Dodgy Knees and Dirty Balls,, The XV, Fantasy Pick Six, Ffwtbol, Forza Swansea, Holyhead Cycling Club, The Foot Down, Cardiff Skateboard Club
Best Photo Blog

A Girl Called Ba, Cardiff Arcades Project, Llandudno Daily Pictures, Pint of 45, Eyes Beneath The Skin, Dress Me Perfect, Garuff
Best Food & Drink Blog
Lesley’s Kitchen, Adair Cameron, Bonjour Cupcake, Cardiff Bites, What’s for dinner?, Gourmet Gorro, hungry in cardiff,, Sgwennu Llefenni, Feasts of Metal, Paned a Chacen, Pint of 45, Stephen Nottingham’s Food Blog, Corpulent Capers, Back To The Roots
Best Entertainments & Music Blog, Chroma Feed, Motown Junkies, Movie Waffle, Plastik Magazine, Pop Culture Under The Microscope, A Riotous Oil-painting, Schoolboy Error,, Aubrey, Beat Review, passinterference, What’s On In Cardiff, This Is My Joystick

Gallery of Wales Blog Award winners

This isn’t a complete collection of winning blogs, just a few that I consider worth preserving a visual record of.


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