A Dark Eternity

Set in a future Fordian dystopia, a young man awakens from a deep Soma induced vacation. Soma being the state funded drug of choice for any self-respecting Alpha {and an escape from any reality-induced ailments of course}. It’s not a question of whether to take any more…it’s how far?

A Dark Eternity by Ewen Stenhouse

Read about the production on the director’s blog:

For something that was meant to be minimal yet hi-tech and futuristic, this is about as budget as it gets without resorting to tinfoil. One wall made up of carboard, glass and window tubing {held together with gaffer tape} to act as the wall with the consoles, which consisted of one ipad, and two iphones {also held together with gaffer tape}, and a backlit paper wall with a long stip cut out of it to act as the other rear wall. The shoot took one veeeery long day and consisted of me and my brother {he’s the ‘actor’} who’s not an actor and his girlfriend who kindly did his makeup and brought us much needed food.