Ubuntu for girls

Mark Shuttleworth has kicked up a bit of a storm by apparently saying that Linux was “hard to explain to girls”. There is an open letter post about this on the Geek Feminism Blog, followed by a hell of a lot of comments on the subject. It seems to boil down to ‘he didn’t really mean it like that‘, ‘it’s not okay to say that kind of thing, even if you didn’t mean it like that‘ and ‘has anyone seen this video or a transcript anyway?

Anyway, I’ve made a little graphic that Ubuntu could use for their 11.10 release if they wanted to tackle this issue. :)

(Please note this was produced with a high level of sarcasm and irony. If you are offended, please look up those words before commenting!)

EDITED 2011.09.17 to add: In a follow-up post, Mark Shuttleworth stated that had ‘no intention of apologising for his comment.’


9 thoughts on “Ubuntu for girls

  1. Brilliant. But I must attest to the possibility of evolved geekitude among the female of the species. I know a fair few female geeks, and they’d outgeek many of my more geekish male acquaintances any day, hands down!

  2. I think you are onto something there and I believe a less techy look will do a lot to spread free software to those who have been contitioned to overlook techy looking struff. Keep at it.R S

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