Cardiff Life: Welcome to my brilliantly varied blog!

It has been brought to my attention that this blog was given a rather flattering write-up in the September issue of Cardiff Life magazine! I’ve copied the text below, adding in the links to the relevant pages for any Cardiff Life readers who want to specifically check out something mentioned:

Cardiff Life excerpt about halfblog.netBlog:

Run by Geoff Rogers, the content is brilliantly varied, ranging from stuff about Cardiff Design Festival to the musings of American futurist Buckminster Fuller. And there’s a fantastic series of posts taken from his old blog, which has clips from interesting short films, animations and such-like (check out the No Robots clip), together with erudite thoughts and comments.

Sarah Mia’s blog Falling Forward is also featured, and Neil Cocker gets a whole half-page on his Cardiff Start initiative.

My thanks to Cardiff Life for the plug!

If you’re not a regular Cardiff Life reader, you may be amused — as I was — to see the cover of the previous issue of Cardiff DALEK Life magazine:

Dalek Life

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