On the TARDIS, Doctor Who set photos (part three)

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The last of my pictures of the TARDIS set are all closeup details of the centre console. You can really see how cobbled together it is from common and garden parts.

Check out my complete set of Doctor Who and Torchwood pictures on Flickr.

5 thoughts on “On the TARDIS, Doctor Who set photos (part three)

  1. Yes you were very very lucky! The BBC <u>strictly</u> says no one is allowed to help on set at all! Which is why I asked because I really do want to work there one day. How did you get to help them? Were you offered or did you contact someone?

  2. I don’t really want to go into personal details, but this was during the specials and they already knew the set wasn’t going to be sticking around for that much longer, so they were happily letting people take pictures. Same story with the Torchwood hub I also have pics of.

  3. Cool well thanks for sharing this info with us, I gess you probably knew some people who worked there and they let you in. I personally would also do anything to get in myself.

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